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The majority of health problems in the modern age are caused by poor lifestyle choices that are detrimental to both our physical and mental health.!!}

We Care About Your Health

These lifestyle diseases can be managed by incorporating proper nutrition and physical exercise in the daily routine. Many people mistake leading a healthy lifestyle with investing in expensive ingredients and equipment, however we at Nisha Diet Clinic are here to crack those myths and prove that a fit lifestyle can be lead with home-cooked food and natural ingredients that are available to all. Nisha Diet Clinic is run by celebrity dietitian Nisha Malhotra who has been successfully changing people’s lives for over three decades. She is a highly qualified dietitian who is dedicated to imparting her knowledge for the betterment of the people. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. If you are seeking to transform the way you live and look - inside and out, then look no further. Our specialised team helps you every step along the way and focuses not on momentary results but a long term benefit plan, that successfully incorporates your diet plan in your day to day life.